Being Peace

Being Peace

Extraordinary Music for Extraordinary Times

The soulful melodies of Marina Raye's native flutes are richly textured by Ron Clearfield's cello accompaniment. Marina's mastery of the native flute has earned her the description, "The Feminine Voice of the Native Flute." Her passion for peace fills this extraordinary music with powerful intention. Music to calm, soothe and inspire you to be the heart of peace. Perfect for relaxation, meditation and all healing modalities.

Total Playing Time 60:11

CD Tracks

  1. Sweet Surrender (12:04)
  2. Now of Peace (12:20)
  3. Peaceful Nature (11:11)
  4. Being Peace (12:07)
  5. Heart of Peace (12:17)

Song Samples

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The Story of Being Peace

The first time I heard Ron Clearfield play his cello was at an open house in his home. He invited me to play improvisationally with him for the gathering. I knew then that the combination of our instruments was pure magic and that I would invite him to be the guest artist on my next CD.

The cover art by Charles Frizzell inspired the music for this CD. Charles is a dear friend and a brilliant visionary artist. I knew that I wanted to play music that represented peace while expressing the passion inspired by the image. The intensity of the electrical storm as represented by the eagle is magically balanced by the surrendered and beautiful expression of the male figure. Charles explained this image by telling me that the warrior shape shifts to become one with the thunderbird (eagle). I took the metaphor of being peace in the eye of the storm into my preparation for recording the music.

We are living in extraordinary times. While the world appears to be ruled by chaos, the opportunities for radical transformation have never been greater. We can transform our experience of each moment into one of peace. We are on a transformative inner journey. Peace can only be actualized in each now moment.

May this music assist you in being peace in each moment. Together we are awakening peace in our world!

Native Heart Music is an artist-owned, independent music label that was established in 1994. Our mission is to assist others to access peace, compassion and bliss through our soothing, relaxing music and handcrafted flutes. We are committed to living gently on the Earth, and it is our intent to inspire others through our example.

"Gift of Peace"

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